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In-House-Therapy Support

We serve the therapy industry by providing a compassionate, people-centered approach to compliance and management support. We believe that a thoughtful strategy not only helps our partners to be more compliant and profitable, but also puts the patient first.

Connect with us today to learn about our proprietary in-house therapy management program.  We’ve kept it simple: we designed our support plan as a flat monthly rate so you can have unlimited access to our services without worrying about the time clock.

Additionally, we provide hourly consulting assistance for those clients looking for help with their own therapy programs. Reach out to learn more!

“I have been working with Mark through NARA for several years now. He has contributed to the growth of NARA as a board member, SNF work group leader, and speaker and moderator at conferences to name just a few. Mark is very knowledgeable in therapy regulations and processes. He has become a go to resource for me and many members. We can always count on Mark advocate for the provider and patient in therapy with a sensible and forward thinking approach.”

Christie Sheets, CPC-H

Client Results with In-House Therapy Support

A skilled-nursing facility in Alabama sought help "to make sure that our processes were in compliance and creating a best case [scenario for a] steady revenue stream." Their only hesitation in partnering with someone for therapy-related support was how to measure the value and results, which Seagrove Rehab Partners understands. (For this reason we consistently track important metrics and provide monthly updates so you can see your progress and know that we are offering great value to your facility.) One of the unexpected surprises that made the client happy to work with Seagrove Rehab was our ability to identify and help solve a problem even outside the scope of therapy, in this case the  "CNA documentation [was] corrected to represent 24-hour care provided and not [versus just the] care plan nurses interview of first shift." As you can see, having Seagrove Rehab Partners on the team had a substantial effect on therapy operations.

"Mark is as knowledgeable as you will find. He is great at communicating the information to my employees. He is very easy to work with.
 - Administrator of Health and Rehab Facility in Alabama