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In-House Therapy Alliance

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Your Challenge

Traditionally long-term care therapy departments had two choices. You could tread water with your current circumstances running an in-house therapy program, or you could abandon operations to a contract provider who keeps a margin at the facility level. Either way, there were compromises such as loss of control and a loss of profits. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a new hybrid option - a way to hire only the help you need and at a cost you can afford?

Our Solution

Seeing the challenges faced by single facilities and small chains, we sought to change the system by creating a new solution for clients to either stay in-house or transition to in-house therapy. With our partnership, you can keep your team, retain your profits, and maintain control - all while having the expertise and support you need. We believe, with the right partner, you can achieve "contract-like" results while managing your therapy in-house.

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With Seagrove helping to navigate your in-house therapy program,

you and your team can enjoy bright new horizons!


in-House Therapy Alliance CLient Example

A skilled-nursing facility in Alabama sought help "to make sure that our processes were in compliance and creating a best case [scenario for a] steady revenue stream." Their only hesitation in partnering with someone for therapy-related support was how to measure the value and results, which Seagrove Rehab Partners understands. (For this reason we consistently track important metrics and provide monthly updates so you can see your progress and know that we are offering great value to your facility.) One of the unexpected surprises that made the client happy to work with Seagrove Rehab was our ability to identify and help solve a problem even outside the scope of therapy, in this case the  "CNA documentation [was] corrected to represent 24-hour care provided and not [versus just the] care plan nurses interview of first shift." As you can see, having Seagrove Rehab Partners on the team had a substantial effect on therapy operations.

"Mark is as knowledgeable as you will find. He is great at communicating the information to my employees. He is very easy to work with."
 - Administrator of Health and Rehab Facility in Alabama