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Mark McDavid is an experienced leader within the field of skilled rehabilitation therapy services. He has a proven track-record of dynamically growing therapy and home health operations for both in-house and contract service companies. Mark’s knowledge and its application to business strategies has earned national recognition within professional organizations, to include conference speaking invitations, appointment to AANAC’s Expert Advisory Panel, and election as a board member-at-large for the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies (NARA). He is a sought after source in regards to regulatory compliance, MDS, MPPR, manual medical review, functional status coding, and documentation. In addition, Mark works with national consultants to assist providers who are under a variety of Medicare probe reviews and audits. Prior to launching his own company, Mark was hired in 2009 to manage all clinical staff and programs for a 25-year-old contract therapy provider; this company experienced its three most profitable and successful years to date during Mark’s tenure as vice president.

Mark began Seagrove Rehab Partners in 2013 to make his expertise available to a wider audience. The goal for Mark and all our associates is to help optimize your therapy operations, propel your company toward greater prosperity, and deliver excellent patient outcomes.

The choice of the company title came from a desire to create a safe haven of support (harkening the image of a “grove” of trees proving shelter) in the face of the “sea” of Medicare changes we all experience. At Seagrove, we create partnerships to benefit your therapy program and bottom line.  We have all heard “with no margin, there can be no mission” – and mission is everything in an industry that exists to help people live better.  To enhance patients’ quality of life is why Mark became a therapist to begin with, and our company is committed to living that out by ensuring that every program Seagrove touches operates better with us on your team than you did without us. Call Mark today at 850-532-1334, and let’s begin a mutually beneficial partnership!

Download Mark’s Curriculum Vitae for a full summary of his professional experience:
Mark McDavid - 2019 CV

Seagrove Rehab Partners and Associates

On occasion our clients have needs outside our scope of service - such as software vendors and legal services. Seagrove contracts with other qualified independent consultants as needed to provide additional services. Please feel free to contact us for details, additional bios, and/or recommendations. Mark also offers complimentary referrals to trusted professionals who specialize in offering nursing and/or staffing services to the rehab industry.