A sample of what we do…

In-house Therapy Operations and Management Support

Our Seagrove Monthly Support Plan for in-house rehab departments allows you to have the best of both worlds: retain control and profits by keeping your therapy program in-house AND obtain the benefits normally reserved for Skilled-Nursing Facilities using a contract therapy provider.  How is this possible?  Instead of handing over your operations to a third-party or managing rehab headaches yourself, I’d love for you to discover the advantages our in-house facilities experience with our proprietary model. And the icing on the cake is that the financial benefit made to the Provider’s bottom line is substantially more than the flat-rate monthly partnership. So our fee is more than covered by your decreased costs, increased revenue, and the benefits of a more efficiently run program.

Solution-based Hourly Consulting and Support

A variety of hourly and/or daily options are available for clients who need short-term proactive or reactive help instead of ongoing support.  The current therapy environment is constantly changing in regard to Medicare reimbursement, which creates potential pitfalls for companies who do not stay ahead of the curve.  We are here to help!

• Comprehensive Therapy Program Assessment
• Chart/Quality Audits
• Assistance with making a transition to electronic documentation
• Assistance with contract negotiations, legal consulting, and/or staffing
• Medicare compliance Q&A support
• Rehab Agency Certification
• And more…

The choice of the company title came from a desire to create a safe haven of support (harkening the image of a “grove” of trees providing shelter) in the face of the changing tides and “sea” of Medicare changes we all experience.  At Seagrove, we create partnerships to benefit your therapy program and bottom line.  We have all heard “with no margin, there can be no mission” – and mission is everything in an industry that exists to help people live better.  To enhance patients’ quality of life is why I became a therapist to begin with, and I am committed to living it out by ensuring that every program Seagrove touches operates better with us on your team than you did without us.

Call me today at 850-532-1334, and let’s begin a mutually beneficial partnership!